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10 foolish things said B.C. (before children)

As a parent, you learn pretty quickly that doing your best often means not living up to expectations you may have once held before raising kids. I am ashamed to admit it, but my husband and I both heard ourselves say these things before taking on the job. Forgive us.

  1. When we have kids, we are never going to let them eat in our car.
  2. No fast food for our kiddos. It’s all organic in this house.
  3. When I drive, I’m the DJ.
  4. Our kids will be exposed to worldly cuisine from day one.
  5. Cloth diapers are so much better for the environment.
  6. Our bed is our sanctuary.
  7. How could their daughter still need a diaper? Isn’t she like, two-and-a-half?
  8. The kids’ bedtime is going to be early enough so we can have some adult time.
  9. Why is it so hard for our friends to find a sitter? I was always babysitting when I was 12.
  10. We are going to read with our daughter every single night and cuddle before bedtime.

Bonus proclamation: No screen time until she’s at least eight or nine.

I’m curious how other parents have learned to not pass judgment, (whether of other parents or ourselves) and which expectations have been quick or slow to go (I’ll never curse in front of my kids!). Have you learned to let go and live more in the moment? Do you accept the present as the real gift that it is?

All sarcasm aside, I will say, that the background music in Minecraft is really quite soothing. Really.


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