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Happy Summer!

It’s been a busy couple of months at kidcareshare and I thought you might like to hear what we’ve been up to (while asking a small favor).

Here’s a quick rundown:

  • We solidified our mission as a company. More than helping parents connect and find balance with an affordable solution to childcare, kidcareshare is about connecting communities.
  • In May, we held a focus group to demo our prototype with 20 enthusiastic target users, validating critical app features, new functions to prioritize and more.
  • We’ve shared our vision with startup peers, advisers, and local business professionals while engaging with target users from Bend to all over the country, (as well as unwitting listeners including grocery checkout people, gas attendants, class parents, the school principal, the entire neighborhood, and Facebook connections). At this stage, the positive feedback continues,  and it reinforces my belief that intrinsically, we want to help each other.
  • Multiple user surveys helped crystallize pain points and user personas while confirming our business assumptions.
  • We’ve been testing peer network groups using existing platforms and group messages (among over 200 parent members), and they continue to validate the core solutions kidcareshare is poised to deliver.

Now we need to build it (and here’s where the favor comes in).

At present, we’re focused on finding the right people to join our founding team on this unicorn ride. We’re looking to connect with Tech Founders, startup junkies, and mobile app / full stack developers who believe in the vision for kidcareshare or are at the very least, interested in learning more. Is that person you or someone you know? Please reach out! I’d welcome an opportunity to learn more about their passions and see if we might align.

Until the next milestone…

Jen Ortado, Founder & CEO

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